Expand business in with Easy CRM which encompass multiple functionalities.

CRM – Customer Relationship Management

CRM - Customer relationship management, as the name suggests CRM is a strategies that helps to maintain relationship between customers and a company. CRM is basically used to analyze interaction of a customer’s with a company in order to deliver product or services with a goal of improving customer service. CRM is a tool/system/software which help the companies to stay connected with their customers.

Customer relationship management system has a wide usage as it helps to record contact information of customers, interest of customer and other necessary data of a customer. When a CRM has a combination of ease to use with an added flavor of multiple features then that CRM is considered to be the best.

Easy Soft - CRM

Easysoft is an innovative development by Braintree Products in 1999. Easysoft is a CRM which is developed with a primary goal of managing data and record data of their customers with remarkable features like customizable dashboard, sales summary, preferences, writing notes/remarks, customer preferences, money manager, call logs, social media information, inventory, access permissions and a lot more.

It creates a transparent layer of interaction between company and their customer with ease to use and connect.

For every business it is necessary to maintain and keep a track of customer’s record. This CRM is not only for customer records but can be added with multiple hierarchy of the business such as customer, vendors, services provider, employees, show visitors etc.

The main purpose behind the development of CRM is to handle crucial data of any jewelry or diamond industry accurately and secured.


IP Technology: Easysoft utilizes Nextiva IP technology for flawless cloud based communication.

Excel: You can extract information of customers or vendors you want to know with the help of Excel file, by just clicking on excel button. You can also select multiple customers and vendors as per your requirement and can get excel file. Process:

  1. Open Account
  2. Check or select customers with their names or id
  3. Click Excel
  4. Then save this excel with the name you want.

Email: You can email the details of the customers or vendor to other person by clicking on email button.

  1. Open Account
  2. Check or select customers with their names or id
  3. Click Email
  4. Write the details required in mail.
  5. Click on send.

Filters: Easysoft utilizes various types of filters which can be helpful to refine data of any customer in just a few seconds.

Eassysoft CRM is a secure place where you can connect with your customers and vendors without any fear.

This is the licensed software which is owned by Braintree Products, so permission is required for operating this software. Restricted permission can be provided to the users.

Selection of particular check box give you complete details of customers and vendors, it will include order, memo, memo return, invoice, payment, sales inquiry, info and more.

User can derive their sales report and invoice for past days in an easier way.

Need for Emergence of EasySoft CRM

Now a days rather than keeping data in manual records or excel sheets, there is wide usage of CRM that is beneficial for multiple hierarchy in a business such as:


Sales team can take a great advantage of CRM by using it for connecting with the customer’s and driving sales growth.

Customer Service

CRM can be used by customer services team in order to know client’s satisfaction for delivered product/services, so company can work and provide quality products and services.

Supply Chain/Manufacturing

CRM helps them to analyses market requirement of product/services.


CRM helps marketing team to enhance their marketing skills and strategies.


HR team can use CRM to keep a track of their employee’s performance and sped up recruitment process according to the requirement of company.