Braintree Products, Inc. aims to turn knowledge into value for the benefit of our clients, our people and our stakeholders.

Our team of experienced professionals is committed to provide IT solutions, Consulting services, Business planning and Business process improvement. With a set of multidisciplinary technical and financial skills and industry expertise combined with an integrated approach to client service we provide long-term strategies to help ensure our clients businesses can cope with the demands placed on them today and tomorrow. Is the right infrastructure in place? Are there the necessary processes, systems and controls to help safeguard against risks? Our team of experienced professionals, with deep industry knowledge, are able to deliver services and solutions that sustain business growth, improve productivity, efficiency and profitability while managing the risks.


Provide long term solutions and services that can efficiently manage business growth, improve productivity, easy to adopt, implement and maintain.

We actively recruit and maintain top talent in order to provide the highest quality service to our clients.

Focused on segment specific suite of solutions with a larger value addition.

Building up significant values for all the stakeholders.

Keeping our customers ahead of the curve with technological advancement.


Be a one stop service provider with the greatest value addition and the best customer service. We use innovative and interactive techniques based on the current requirement of the market to meet client expectation.



Easysoft is our way of saying that ERP’s do not have to compromise on quality or features to be affordable. We firmly believe every business should benefit from the organizational gains of a quality ERP. From retailers over small to medium businesses to global enterprises – from axiom to zenith.


Easysoft is an innovative development by Braintree Products in 1999. Easysoft is a CRM which is developed with a primary goal of managing data and record data of their customers with remarkable features like customizable dashboard, sales summary, preferences, writing notes/remarks, customer preferences, money manager, call logs, social media information, inventory, access permissions and a lot more.



Leading businesses of today require a strong online presence to succeed. You can rely on our expertise in marketing, graphics design and more to take full advantage of the online opportunities of the 21st century. Do not let your business fall behind the curve - let us ensure your competitive edge online.


Digital marketing is the advertising and promotional method which come into existence at the place of traditional marketing. Digital marketing method saves money and saves your time by promoting your brand digitally.


Contact our expert staff to manage accounting and other essential, but noncore tasks – and save money doing it! At Braintree, we value the importance of confidentiality. A dedicated team exclusive to you as a client protects your sensitive information. Cost-effective. Professional. Secure.


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At Braintree, we want to be the partner you trust to spearhead the peripheral tasks of business. we want you to focus on what you do best by streamlining processes for growth and driving the management of your core business back where it belongs: with you.

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