Segment specific solutions addresses information system needs of relevant business segments. Each industry has variety of unique business practices that cannot be supported with generic solutions. EasySoft offers solution that is targeted to specific industry needs. Our solutions are easy to adopt and implement.

Marble Granite
Slabs, Tiles,
Blocks Inventory Inspection Module Procurement
Shipping / Voyage
Inward - Dispatch
Multiple Warehouses

Precious Metal
Toll Accounting
Metal Increment
Gold Lock
Labor Prices
Metal Statments
Metal Control

Diamond Trading
Lot Inventory
Sizes, Parcel
Memo Accounting
Assortment Mixing
Assortment Pricing
Physical Inventory
Single Stone
Jewelry Trading
Quotation and
Order Entry
BOM Preferences Multiple Pricing
Job Costing
Sales Force Commission
Shop Floor
Job Costing
User defined Process Special Orders
BOM Preferences
Dynamic Pricing
Component based Markup
Import / Export Quotation & Order
Shipping Manager
Multi Currency
Exchange Gain/Loss
Custom and Export

EasySoft is a complete Software Solution for SME business segment. Industry specific versions are designed to deliver deep business functionality to fulfill entire information system needs for different business segments. Our Clients are managing their multiple geographical operations in a complete integrated environment.

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