Mahesh Sharma

After serving for more than twenty years in various capacities at a top bank in the U.S., Mr. Mahesh Sharma brings us an extensive background in business analysis, process re-design and Consumer Risk management. His experience includes various aspects of MIS, Service Quality Management, Finance, various regulatory and SEC reporting. He contributed to process efficiencies, improved service quality, better customer satisfaction, increased productivity and strong domain knowledge.

He holds PhD in Mathematics and MBA.

Ravi Gopalan
Vice President
Business Strategy

Mr. Ravi Gopalan possesses over two decades of experience in International trade, Finance, Marketing and Operations. He brought more than two decades of experience to manage and run global operations of a large diamond and jewelry operation. Mr. Gopalan is also very active in social and community services at state and local levels in New Jersey and New York.

He is CPA from Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.