Complete Business Solution for Precious Metal, Casting, Finding and Gold Dealers.
Shop Floor integration extends a possibility to use this solution at every stage along with your business growth.

  • Sales Quotation and Order tracking
  • Toll Accounting with Customers, Suppliers
  • Labor Prices with Toll accounts and Markup preferences
  • Process and Manufacturing Loss supported with Toll Accounts
  • Multiple Price List with Increments
  • Dynamic Pricing with Current Gold, Gold Lock and Increments
  • Multiple Currency and Exchange fluctuation support
  • Special Price and Inventory Programme arrangements with Customer and Suppliers
  • Metal Leasing and Precious Metal Control
  • Shop Floor integration
  • Order fulfillment process
  • Online Multi Location Inventory
  • Customer Service and Enquiries handling
  • Shipping and Handling integration with Reserve Stock and
    Multi Location Inventory
  • Trade Show data collection and performance analysis
  • Sales Person Controls and Commission Accounting
  • Memorandum Program with different Memo Types and Memo Aging
  • Easysoft Accounting and Inventory
  • Add on Solutions FedEx, UPS, EDI, Reports on Demand, Business Analytics

EasySoft is a complete Software Solution for SME business segment. Industry specific versions are designed to deliver deep business functionality to fulfill entire information system needs for different business segments. Our Clients are managing their multiple geographical operations in a complete integrated environment.

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