Jewelry trading companies can count on cost of production or procurement information in Easysoft. Online Inventory management with integrated fulfillment and Production process helps you to manage your inventory better. Easysoft helps our users to know the cost of production for every Job resulting more accurate profitability analysis. RMA and Charge back handling help you to analyze true performance.

  • Sales Quotation and Order entry System
  • Multi level Bill of Material preferences for Item definition
  • Orders specific Bill of Material and Instructions to handle Special Orders
  • Dynamic Pricing with Sales Order System to know Cost and Profit
  • Order fulfillment process integration with Purchase and Production
  • Reserve Stock for timely delivery
  • True Profitability analysis with Procurement or Cost of Production
  • Outside Contracting and Assembly
  • Job Costing and Cost Variance Analysis
  • Sales Profitability analysis based on the Cost of Production
  • Shipping and Handling integration with Reserve Stock, Multi Location Inventory and Production status
  • Multi Location Inventory
  • Cash Register Support
  • Trade Show data collection and performance analysis
  • Customer Service and Enquiries handling
  • Sales Person Controls and Commission Accounting
  • Memorandum Programme with different Type of Memo and Memo Aging
  • Easysoft Accounting and Inventory
  • Add on Solutions FedEx, UPS, EDI, Reports on Demand, Business Analytics

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EasySoft is a complete Software Solution for SME business segment. Industry specific versions are designed to deliver deep business functionality to fulfill entire information system needs for different business segments. Our Clients are managing their multiple geographical operations in a complete integrated environment.

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