Braintree offers the flexibility and capability to solve your software and hardware service problems.

When your Technology infrastructure fails, you want it fixed right and fixed fast. This depends on quick access to the people with all the essential and historical knowledge base, tools and technology. Braintree offers experienced human resource with global network of information, system to build and retain historical information with tools and technologies that can deliver faster and effective resolution.

Our customers get

  • A single point of contact for support of your technology and software mix
  • Extensive Databases with service and problem resolution histories
  • Preventive scheduled maintenance and disaster recovery services
  • Remote and on-site services specialists, each with a unique set of skills and experience, to address your specific service requirements
  • Remote and on-site diagnostic tools, and electronic linkages, supporting the practical experience of our engineers
  • Addressing the challenge of optimal support cost and time required to address a problem
  • Knowledge acquisition and maintenance process helpful for disaster recovery