Easysoft a solution that is proven and tested for years to manage Diamond and Gem Stone Trading operations. We help you to leverage Multi location Inventory resulting improved Inventory turnover. Electronic data interchange with various marketplaces is an added advantage

  • Diamond and Gem Stone Inventory with Lot # and Sizes
  • Transfer Lot Mixing, Assortment and Assortment Pricing
  • Certified and Non Certified Single Stone Invneotry
  • Online Multi Location Inventory
  • Inventory Aging and different kind of Analysis
  • Physical Stock Verification
  • Strong Credit Control and Approval process
  • Memo Program with Multiple Type of Memorandum
  • Memo Aging and Memo performance analysis
  • Data Interchange with Trading Partners (e.g. Bluenile, Rapaport, Polygon)
  • Customer Service and Enquiries handling
  • Trade Show data collection and performance analysis
  • Sales Person Controls and Commission Accounting
  • Easysoft Accounting and Inventory (Read More)
  • Add on Solutions FedEx, UPS and Reports on Demand, Business Analytics

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EasySoft is a complete Software Solution for SME business segment. Industry specific versions are designed to deliver deep business functionality to fulfill entire information system needs for different business segments. Our Clients are managing their multiple geographical operations in a complete integrated environment.

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