Braintree is committed to help clients transform their enterprise information into a strategic asset Business Intelligence is the integration or intersection of the Information needed, the Data behind it and the Technology that delivers it to the consumer. Business Intelligence is applicable to organizations of any size beside the fact that BI solutions are most relevant to industries with large numbers of customers, high levels of competition and large volumes of data. The expanded use of data warehouses, e-commerce tools, CRM packages, and other enterprise software has created a proportional need to easily view and use the information stored within these systems.

Why Braintree ?

  • Braintree work collaboratively with clients, using a comprehensive framework to synthesize business issues with technology to address the most complex business challenges
  • We look at much more than just technology issues – we focus on our clients’ business imperatives
  • We help clients determine which type of BI/DW solutions – or combination of solutions they need to turn their data into actionable information
  • Our multi-dimensional capabilities and collaborative culture enable a 360º approach that helps us deliver more comprehensive solutions and greater value to our clients

BI Offerings

We help clients put the right information at the right time on the fingertips of right person by building sound, Business Value-Driven Data Warehouse environments

Our services include

  • Application Maintenance
  • Outsourcing (AMO)
  • Business Analytics Strategy
  • Data Extraction, Transformation,
  • Cleansing, and Loading
  • Data Mining/Analytics
  • Data Warehouse/Business
  • Analytics Design
  • Data Warehouse-based Analytics Applications
  • Enterprise Data Warehousing Strategy


End Results

  • Executive views are consistent with the analytical views
  • Improve responsiveness to events
  • Understand predictors before they become facts
  • Common and consistent set of indicators for all analysis
  • Information is consistent across organization
  • Efficiently arrive at sound business decisions based on facts validated through analysis